• Agenda

    September 2

    Afternoon & Evening

    15:00-21:00 Registration & Check-in 註冊報到


    18:00-21:00 Welcome Party - Taiwan Night 台灣之夜歡迎晚宴

    September 3


    06:00-08:30 Breakfast 早餐

    08:30-12:30 Registration & Check-in 註冊報到

    08:30-12:30 Grand Opening 開幕式 / Keynote Speech 主題演講


    13:30-17:30 Workshops 分組工作坊 / House of Friendship 友誼之家


    18:00-22:00 Golden Banquet 五十晚宴 / Mr. & Ms. Interota 先生小姐

    September 4

    Morning & Afternoon

    06:00-07:30 Breakfast 早餐

    08:00-17:00 Taipei Tour 台北城市之旅


    18:00-21:00 Bando 辦桌 / Cultural Night 文化之夜

    September 5


    08:00-12:00 Service Project 服務計劃


    13:00-17:00 Working Holiday 工作假期


    17:00-19:00 Dinner in the Paddy Fields 稻田裡的晚餐

    September 6


    06:00-08:30 Breakfast 早餐

    09:00-12:00 Interota 2020 Bidding Interota 2020 競標


    13:00-16:00 Closing Ceremony 閉幕式


    17:30-20:30 Farewell Party 惜別派對

  • Programs

    Taiwan Night Welcome Party

    On the first night of Interota, we're welcoming you with mouthwatering Taiwanese street food and culrural performances. Enjoy the fellowship as we gather and reveal the curtain of the amazing Interota 2017.

    Keynote Speech & Rotaract Workshop

    In Rotaract, we learn, we serve, and we lead. At Keynote Speech, let's learn how Rotaract can bring our power together and take our service to the world to the next level, and meanwhile how we could deverlop leadership along our Rotaract journey. The Rotaract Workshop also provides a platform for Rotaractors from different countries to address their concerns while doing projects in their clubs and exchange ideas with each other. Learn how to strive your club, organize a successful service project, develop your leadership skills and strengthen your connection to the global network of Rotaract.

    House of Friendship

    With over 9,200 Rotaract clubs and 210,000 Rotaractors around the world, the Rotaract global network has developed with great diversity based on various cultures and backgrounds. At House of Friendship, Rotaractors from different countries will showcase their cultures and what projects that Rotaract in their district or country has accomplished. Let's share our experience, learn from each other, and bring back innovative and creative ideas to our clubs!

    Golden 50 Banquet

    As 2017 also marks the 50th year of Rotaract. Interota 2017 will present a series of celebrations to take you back to where it all began. Let’s celebrate the 50-year history of Rotaract together and look back to the milestones and what we have achieved globally.

    Mr. Ms. Interota

    Ready for an unforgettable and glamorous night? We're looking for Rotaractors to represent the spirit and enthusiasm of Interora 2017. At this night, let's enjoy rounds of fascinating runway shows and vote for your ideal Mr. & Ms. Interota!

    Taipei Day Tour

    Looking for the best way to fully discover the beauty of Taipei City? During Taipei Day Tour, we are taking you to explore different faces of Taipei. With four different routes, which are historical, cultural, natural, and LOHAS, participants will enjoy a day savoring local delicacies, visiting attractions, indulging in Taiwanese culture and experiencing the warm hospitality of Taiwanese people.

    Bando & Cultural Night

    One of the best ways to learn a new culture is to learn from its food. During Interota 2017 Taipei, we are inviting you to Bando, the traditional Taiwanese roadside banquet. Enjoy a feast with a wide variety of dishes as well as local outdoor stage show and cultural performances performed by Rotaractors from different countries. This night under the stars let’s enjoy the cultural diversity of Rotaract.

    Service Project & Working Holiday

    Community service is one of the core values of Rotaract. During Interota 2017, we will take you to another city in Taiwan, which is Yilan, and conduct hands-on environmental service project in collaboration with local community development association. And at Working Holiday, Rotaractors will get to know more about agriculture in Taiwan through interesting DIY activities and enjoying a pleasant dinner in the paddy field.