• Mister & Miss Interota Selection Campaign

    1. Time of Application: June. 15th to July. 30th, 2017


    2. Eligibility:

    •  Each country can recommend a man and a woman to take part in the competition. (Can be separate to participate)
    •  The participants have to be a member of Rotaract (age 18 to 30) and one who has taken part in Interota events.

    3. Papers Needed for Application:

    • Application form
    • Personal photos (front headshot, full-body shot, daily photo)
    • A video clip of self-introduction (2-minute video that needs to contain the introduction of the participant and his/her country)
    • File Name:  Mr. & Miss Interota – NameCountry (e.g. Mr. & Miss Interota – Peggy Liu Taiwan)
    • File Format:   PPT / PDF/MPED/ MP3/ WAV/ WMV/ MP4

    Contents of the application form will be kept confidential. Participants do not have to worry about the possibility of personal information leakage


    4. Competition Outfits: Participants will be judged in two outfits. For the style of national costume and evening dress, please refer to the appendix.

    • National Costume: The outfit that best represents your country.
    • Evening Dress: Common formal banquet outfits.
    Picture 1. National Costume

    Picture 1. National Costume

    Picture 2. Evening Dress

    Picture 2. Evening Dress

    5. Judging Procedure

    Preliminary Stage:

    Participants will be evaluated according to details such as their outfit, creativity and whether they match the theme or not presented in papers and video clip they submit.● Online Voting Time: 2017/8/1-2017/8/10


    ● Grading Proportion: Online popularity 20%; grading by the judges of Interota 80%

    ● A list of 10 participants (5 men and 5 women) who are qualified for the final stage will be announced on August. 15th, 2017.

    ※ Participants are being evaluated individually and not by their nationality in the preliminary stage.


    Final Stage:

    Participants will be evaluated according to details such as their outfit, stage manner, creativity and whether they match the theme or not on the day of event. The participants’ final points are the average points of the total points given by all judges.

    ● Final Stage Events:

    a. The First Dance

    b. Walking the Runway

    c. Quiz Show


    6. Walk Through Instructions and Rehearsal for Participants

    The organizer will hire stage instructors to instruct participants in their blocking, performance and run-down.

    Rehearsal Time:

    September 2nd 19:00 to 22:00

    Participants will be grouped by drawing lots and later conduct dancing practices and blocking instructions.

    September 3nd 15:00 to 17:00 (Gathering Time14:50)

    Participants will be conduct dancing practices and blocking instructions.


    7. Precautions

    • The outfits, accessories and shoes of the participants have to be prepared on their own. Although there will be makeup artists backstage to mend the participants’ makeup, given the short intermission time, we strongly recommend that all participants should prepare everything they need in on their own and complete their makeup in advance.
    • Makeup:If you have personal special habits or allergies and other symptoms suggested to prepare own cosmetic.
    • The organizer possesses the right of final explanation regarding on how this event will be conducted and all event related messages and preserves the right to adjust and amend the contents of the event. If there are any changes, please follow the announcements on the website of this event.