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    Grand Hotel Taipei

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    Grand Hotel Taipei is supported by red columns and with golden roof tiling, standing midway up Yuanshan, much like a majestic 14-storey palace. Facing Keelung River, with Yangming Mountain to its, the hotel offers an amazing view of Songshan District to the East and Danshui to the West. The Grand Hotel, structured through western construction methods, is decorated with elegant classical Chinese details. This fusion of East and West makes the hotel a fine expression of Chinese art upon a foundation of modern western architecture. Whether the visitors are tourists or business people, all those who stop by and marvel at the architectural beauty of the hotel would definitely want to reserve a wonderful stay for themselves.

    The Grand Hotel is decorated with traditional Chinese style beam column, cornices and red cylinders. The interior design is magnificent and extraordinary. Many national banquets for foreign sovereigns and VIP have long been hosted here.



    The Grand Hotel is equipped with 500 rooms, decorated with both oriental and western details, which offer a birds-eye-view of bustling Taipei in the day and a serene city in the night. The timeless joy of observing a modern city in a classic Chinese guest room is simply amazing. Besides, you can get access to Wi-Fi everywhere in the hotel as they have a close partnership with Chunghua Telecom. As for facilities, the hotel is equipped with Olympic standard swimming pool, diving platform, snooker, gym, sauna and jacuzzi, which make your vacation fun and relaxed.

    With utmost sincerity, the hotel welcomes all the honorable guests to enjoy a unique, pleasant stay at the Grand Hotel.




    The Grand Hotel offers a variety of dining choices, including Chinese, Western and Japanese restaurants serving cuisine of supreme quality.

    To keep up with the latest culinary trends, the Songhe Room revolutionized its menu and came up with new sizzling dishes which retain the most authentic elements of eastern and western cuisine. The satisfying tastes are truthful representations of the Songhe chefs’ dedication in serving each and every guest.

    The Dining services are available from 07:00~22:00; no matter you are on a business or a leisure trip, you can enjoy the greatest convenience at the hotel.



    The Grand Hotel is in the heart of city, which is quite close to MRT Yuanshan station, night markets, art museums, Taipei Story House, parks, Miramar Entertainment Park and National Palace Museum. Traveling in Taipei allows you to explore historical, cultural and natural beauty of the city.